RE Today Worship Illustrations

Commissioned by well-established educational charity, RE Today, to produce a series of detailed illustrations for teaching resources aimed at Primary School age pupils. Cross sections of a Sikh Gurdwara, Hindu Mandir, Jewish Synagogue & Buddhist Centre were produced to show the different activities that take place inside these places of worship.

I’ve been working with RE Today since 1996 illustrating Primary School RE resources for teachers – read more about what they do, here

Working from a detailed brief I first produce rough layout pencil sketches for approval. Once approved theses sketches are scanned in and then digitally coloured and finally saved as print ready files. The final illustrations were then used as a key part of the publication ‘What Happens Inside…’ 

RE Today Illustrations Gallery

About the RE Today Illustrations

Created with members of faith communities, these cutaway drawings show pupils about physical features of places of worship and what happens in each one. They are presented both electronically and as double-sided A3 posters, with key vocabulary and definitions on the reverse.

The collection of teaching and learning ideas helps pupils explore basic information about places of worship, but also to go beyond this and think about the significance for believers. The activities make connections with the lives and thoughts of pupils. Teaching and learning ideas have been selected in order to make the cutaways useful and appropriate for primary school pupils in all stages of RE.