I love drawing! And I love making people smile! I try to combine both of these things in my artwork and am known for my deceptively simple, bright, colourful style.

I graduated from the University of Derby in 1996 with a BA (hons) degree in Graphic Design and Illustration and have worked ever since as a designer and illustrator, specialising in illustrating for children.

When I’m not being a paint spattered creative whirlwind I am also a mad auntie, cheese lover, enthusiastic yet untalented dancer, history geek and always one step away from becoming a crazy cat lady…

Sophie’s design and illustration

I pour love and laughter into each and every one of my paintings! A world away from cheap, mass produced prints, they are one off watercolours to be treasured forever.

Any theme and colour scheme you like can be depicted and I can also incorporate cute caricatures of loved ones or something that is significant and special to them. My prices vary based on the length of name or amount of family members, but as a guide start at around £10 per letter for a simple, unframed A4 painting.

Please get in touch for a personal quote – I love to chat!